• Matt Gilley

    “I have worked with Dr. Goodboe for over a decade, and he is one of, if not the best, HR professionals with which I’ve had the pleasure to partner. The most striking aspect of his expertise is that he can lay out a vision and then, more importantly, execute that vision to its fullness. The discipline he shows was most likely formed while serving our nation in the Navy, and I can’t overstate his value in our implementation process.”

    Matt Gilley, Co-Founder and Principal, Intellum
  • Nathan Greeno

    “Dr. Goodboe headed the G4S North America Training Institute as Chief Learning Officer when I made two trips to assess it in a study I did of top flight training organizations including the New York City Fire Department and Delta Airlines. I included all three organizations in a book I subsequently wrote. Under his leadership the Institute became an industry leader and the only ISO registered business training organization in existence. His focus was on employee development through methodical experiential adult learning, with key measurements to assess resulting enhancements to the company’s bottom line. I am pleased that he has now combined his training, HR and academic experience to continue to develop executives and high potential employees in business.”

    Nathan Greeno, Author, Corporate Learning Strategies, ASTD Press