Dr. Mike Success Coach Services

Dr. Mike targets the development of excellence for individuals, teams and organizations.

Mike’s unique communication skills lead him to build a trusting and collaborative relationship with his clients. Among his years of professional experience, his own reinvention serves as a source of inspiration to re-adapt professionals or entrepreneurs looking for further fulfillment in their lives or managing change. Mike’s approach is to provide confidential, one-on-one breakthrough coaching in scheduled and ad hoc formats, focusing on motivational leadership, image projection and peer relationships.





Executive Coaching

For the executive, Dr. Mike’s approach is tailored to the unique demands of an organization’s most senior team – working as thought partners with a goal of creating long-term, measurable change in leadership effectiveness.


HR Consulting

Whether for a large-scale, organization-wide program or a single project, Dr. Mike knows how to bring bottom-line enhancements to any HR function. Services include: strategic planning, policy development, turnover analysis, succession planning, and more.


Analysis & Assessment

Mike conducts in-depth analysis of organizations, identifying strengths & weaknesses, enabling increased success & efficiency. He was highlighted for this in Nathan Greeno’s book, Corporate Learning Strategies.


Public Speaking

Let Dr. Mike speak at your next gathering of managers, sales, HR or training personnel. He has made a name for himself speaking to companies and at conferences, customizing each talk to relevant industry challenges and corporate focuses.


HR & Executive Coaching Services

C-Suite Coaching
Whether you’re talking about executive coaching, leadership coaching, personal coaching or life coaching, the purpose of coaching is to create behavioral change. Working with Dr. Mike will not solve all your problems, but will increase your ability to solve your own problems. CEOs and other C-suite executives have the loneliest roles in industry. They’re expected to know everything and be everything. Granted, they have top skills in their fields and got where they are by being the best of the best. Still, survey after survey finds that even though they are the people who most want coaching, they seldom get it. Executive responsibilities get in the way.
Coaching Salespersons
Success in sales means staying at the top of you game at all times. It’s about winning. It’s about making money for the company and for yourself—the classic win-win. It’s not easy, though. Turnover in sales people is high. Coaching for sales people focuses on identifying and eliminating self-messages that undermine self-confidence and success.
Developing High Potentials
High potentials are individuals whom you believe are highly capable and motivated to achieve over the long term in your company. You want to keep them. For their part, the feeling is mutual—but, they need development beyond that given to other employees. Effective development of high potentials requires not just special coaching, but also a carefully designed training curriculum that closely aligns with the mission of the company. Dr. Mike’s success with high potential programs included in-house programs, and two top programs that also included outside institutions of higher learning. For example, he designed a program combining coaching with Harvard on-line self-study courses. Another combined coaching with a year-long program of live instructor-led webinars by Cornell University’s Samuel B. Johnson School of Management.
Enhancement of HR Efficiencies
Dr. Mike believes that everyone in the organization has a sales mission, including HR! HR enhances the bottom line by preventing profits from “going out the back door” in lawsuit and EEO settlements, fines from the Department of Labor, and federal government sub-contractors, back-pay orders issued by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), which could amount to millions of dollars. There are techniques and methods for designing remedies up front, before monetary losses occur in all of the aforementioned areas. Other HR efficiencies involve policy development, employee documentation, recruiting, and benefits’ administration. Dr. Mike’s 30+ years leading HR has produced time tested results that can save you money!
Assessment of Organizational Culture
There are many good reasons for assessing organizational culture: identifying the type of person who is naturally attracted to your industry and company, aligning your training methods to the learning styles of the majority of your employees, learning how people in the company process information, identifying what is naturally missing in the employee attraction mix and applying that to recruitment strategies, helping managers understand how best to manage within your culture, helping sales people understand how their natural selling approach has to align with buyers’ characteristics, predicting where conflict may emerge, management of change, and so on. Dr. Mike uses the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and other psychometrics to identify your cultural traits and uses that information to recommend bottom-line enhancements throughout the organization.
Enhancement of Training Effectiveness
Dr. Mike’s success leading training organizations are documented in Nathan Greeno’s book, Corporate Learning Strategies. Mike led a team that developed and conducted training for the security force of 650 persons at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington over a 5-year period. He conducted the nascent study of learning styles in the service industry and designed training programs for the State of North Carolina and other clients. A unique service he offers is assessing contractors’ training for classroom to job application, and conducting comprehensive training needs analyses using training forensics, one-on-one interviews and focus groups. Learning organizations that Dr. Mike has headed have won many awards, including those from ASTD and Training Magazine. Two key components necessary for winning meaningful awards in any category are exemplary programs and an exemplary award application that accurately describes those programs in the awarding organization’s format and language. Mike has the skills and contacts to do this.
Public Speaking Topics
How to Turnaround Turnover, Building Sales Through effective Profiling, Coaching and Performance, Coaching Techniques for Supervisors and Managers, Team Building Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Results Driven Training Needs Analyses; Recruiting, Developing and Keeping the Best Employees, Making Friends with the U.S. Department of Labor, OFCCP.