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After over 30 years in the HR field, Mike Goodboe knows people.

Mike was born in Montana and raised in “small town America,’ in eastern Washington State. Although his home state is now emerging as wine country, in his youth grapes were for picking and eating—along with cherries, apples, rich tomatoes and strawberries. Even though he now holds a Doctorate in Higher Education, he muddled through school uninterested and unchallenged. One frustrated high school teacher even told him to drop Spanish, as he did not have an aptitude for languages!  It would be a classic understatement to characterize Mike as a late bloomer. There was serious doubt that he would bloom at all!

After high school, Mike enlisted in the U.S. Navy and rose to commissioned officer status. In the process he became a certified translator of Portuguese, Spanish and Polish. And he did the best thing he ever did in his life: he married his wife, Zelia. That was the beginning of an upward spiral that continues to this day. They had their son, Michael, and spent the next 20 years at assignments in the Orient, Europe, Latin America, and throughout the U.S., before leaving the military and settling in their dreamland of South Florida. Mike and Zelia celebrated 50 years of marriage in 2015. Son Michael is a highly successful consultant to the U.S. Government.



In spite of his initial resistance to school at an early age, Mike eventually became enamored with school. Click here for Mike’s Credentials.



After leaving the navy, Mike joined The Wackenhut Corporation (now G4S Secure Solutions USA), where he rose from an entry-level position in Corporate Human Resources to head the G4S North America Training Institute as the Chief Learning Officer for some 19 years. He retained that title for the next 10 years while he also headed the HR organization as Senior Vice President. Upon retirement in March of 2013, he set about charting the next phase of his life and now is a highly sought after Executive Coach, specializing in the industrial security and engineering industries.



Dr. Mike believes in people and he believes in business. He believes that every long-term successful business is made so by recruiting, selecting, training, nurturing and developing good team members. He also believes that many business organizations understandably get so caught up in doing the good things they do in the marketplace that they promote individuals primarily based on their professional competency. Although that is the essential component, it is the component that “got them there.” Leadership skills aligned with their new higher-level responsibilities will be what “keeps them there.” Those same leadership skills help catapult the company itself to higher profits. Why? Because good people make for higher profits—and there’s nothing wrong with making a profit!


In short, Mike knows how to develop leadership skills through a certified coaching process. This combination of business acumen, training skills and coaching expertise is what makes “Dr. Mike” unique in the field of business coaching. His legacy is to help people and business succeed together. For more on Dr. Mike’s business achievements, visit Dr. Mike’s LinkedIn page.



Dr Mike Executive Coaching

“My life purpose is to bring people to realize their non-negotiable full and true value as a human person, to help them help themselves when possible, and to recognize and act on my obligation to help them when they cannot help themselves.”

– Mike Goodboe